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LAS Recycling Ltd is a licensed Hazardous Waste Facility. The hazardous waste service is available for commercial customers in Ceredigion and the surrounding counties.


The waste is collected by LAS Recycling and brought to the site for storage and treatment, prior to removal off-site to either licensed disposal sites or other appropriate recycling facilities.

Hazardous Waste

The following hazardous waste materials are accepted by LAS Recycling:

• Ferrous and non-ferrous materials

• Lead/acid

• Oil bearing wastes: oil filters

• Oil contaminated materials rags/absorption granules.

• Hydraulic fluids

• Antifreeze

• Asbestos

• Ferrous and non-ferrous swarf, automotive parts and materials

• Packaging

• Computer hardware and similar electronic components

• Fluorescent tubes

• Paints and residues

• White goods

• Solvents and thinners

• Dry cell batteries

• Wood preservation waste

• Acids and alkalis

• Wastes from manufacturing, formulation, supply and use (MFSU) of coatings (paints, varnishes and vitreous enamels, adhesives, sealants, printing inks and photographic chemicals.

• Herbicides and pesticides

• CFC’s

It is a legal regulation that Environment Agency documentation is completed for the collection of hazardous waste.

Also each customer is required to have a premises number, this can be obtained by the customer themselves or be included in the service provided by LAS Recycling Limited.


These regulations enable the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales to trace the waste from the production to the disposal.

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