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LAS Recycling Ltd recognises that Household Waste Sites continue to have a significant role in enhancing the recycling and waste management services of the locality. LAS acknowledge that Household Waste Sites accept significant tonnages of waste and can achieve high recycling rates which are important to the area achieving their statutory targets. In addition they provide a valuable service to local residents, offering householders with an alternative to kerbside collections for the responsible disposal, recycling or re-use of their household waste, particularly for items that are not collected or are costly to collect at the kerbside.


As a result LAS in operating a Household Waste Site will promote and deliver sustainable waste management solutions that generate a range of community benefits to residents such as those identified below:


  • Sourcing materials and services from local Suppliers;

  • Encouraging the development of local treatment facilities and end markets;

  • Minimising transportation;

  • Maximising employment opportunities; and

  • Reducing cost

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To find out how you can arrange a visit or to discuss community recycling events, get in touch with us on:


01570 421 421

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