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LAS Recycling Ltd is a family run business based in Lampeter. We offer an agricultural waste collection and disposal service in Lampeter and the surrounding areas. We can collect agricultural waste from farmers or you can deliver to the Lampeter site. The waste is weighed in on the weighbridge, and the farmer charged accordingly. Documentation will be provided to you as proof of appropriate disposal.

Agricultural Waste Disposal

Agricultural materials accepted:

• Silage wrap

• Silage sheeting

• Feed bags

• Fertilizer bags

• Crop film

• Polytunnel film

• Plastic drums

• String/netting

The materials may be contained within the same load but we ask that they are separated by type to enable easy disposal. We also ask that the materials are as clean as reasonably possible.


Alternatively you could hire a skip; this could be financially beneficial to you, especially if the load is particularly large. Please see details of skip hire or contact us to discuss your options.

Hazardous agricultural waste controls

Due to the potential harm of hazardous agricultural waste to human health and the environment, there are stricter controls on the disposal, recovery and movement of hazardous waste. These stricter controls apply to agricultural waste from 15 May 2007. This includes hazardous agricultural waste such as fuel oil, lubricating oil, sheep dip and pesticides amongst others.


If you produce hazardous waste on your farm you will have to comply with the new rules on hazardous waste. It is good practice to minimise the amount of hazardous waste that you do produce. If you need further advice get in touch with LAS Recycling Ltd, our team are happy to help.

If you produce hazardous waste you must:

• Know what hazardous waste you are producing - LAS Recycling can advise you on the correct form of disposal.


• Give it to someone that is authorised to handle it and make sure it is disposed of at an authorised site. LAS Recycling Ltd is licensed to dispose of various hazardous wastes. The waste should be cleaned and emptied as much as possible and the different types separated.


• Use a consignment note every time you / someone else remove hazardous waste from your farm. A consignment note describes your hazardous waste so other people know what it is and it also helps to make sure that the waste is sent to a site that can handle it. There are guidance notes to help you complete these forms.

The new controls also mean that if you produce more than 500kg of hazardous waste a year you must register your farm with the Environment Agency. Registration lasts for a year.


You can register with the Environment Agency by phoning, using the internet, e-mailing or sending a paper form. The cost for registering varies according to the method you use: internet or email is the cheapest, paper is the most expensive. LAS Recycling can register your farm with the EA for you. Please Contact Us more details.


When working out whether you produce more than 500kg of hazardous waste ignore the weight of any scrap vehicles as these do not count towards the 500kg limit.


To discuss hazardous waste and hazardous agricultural waste further, including detailed prices, please contact us.

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